Souvenir Duduk's $25.00 + SH
This are the same Duduks that you can find all over the Internet under "Professional Duduks"
This are the same instruments that are sold everywhere for $50.0 to $100.00
claming that it has been hand picked by a professional in Armenia.
The truth is cost of this  duduk is $2 -to- $5 in Armenia

I consider this instruments to be Souvenir Duduks  
This instruments are very affordable, and ideal if you like to have a Souvenir Duduk at home or us a conversation pieces.  

Duduk is  made of a Apricut wood:  wood  must be aged for 3  years  before the initial proportion - then it's aged for another 2 years  in a  moister controlled room, after the wood is ready only then a master will make an instrument.
if the wood is dried to fast or  not enough - instrument will not  last long - it will crake and will not stay in tune.
In  total it can take  up to 6 years to make a  instrument from the day the wood has been cut from the tree.
not every apricot  wood can be used to make duduks, it must be a apricot tree in highlands or mountens, those not get watered every day, something like  wield, the year circles  must be closer to each other, if the tree is watered on every day bases this cercal will be far each other and the wood will not  have the strength to last.
we have  duduks made of  most every kind of wood - but our 2500+ years of experience  has proven that the  Armenian Apricut is the  best wood to make duduk. Souvenir duduks are can be made of Apricot wood  but, Pro duduks are made of the middle part of the tree ,  if the Wood Lag is 25" wide and 20" long, our masters will only use the Center of the wood,
  And  will only make 1 or 2  duduks,   wan in the case of Souvenir duduks  the same apricot lag will be used to make  up to 25 - 30 Souvenir duduks .

After the master has made  the duduk  second  step is to make the reed for this instrument, it will be tuned my the master , and adjusted to gave you the maximum performance.

Haw did we get hold of so many Souvenir instruments
no we do not import Souvenir Duduks   - this instruments are  send to us  from all over the world  by our  customers - asking  us to tune and make instruments playable, most of the time we can not  do anything but make reeds for them, and 90% the time most everyone  will chouse to get a  Pro duduk instead of wasting  $$$ on making reed or tuning of the  Souvenir.

most of the duduks  you see in the  picture below war sold us a Pro duduk - on EBay or  other  web sites
I'm ashamed to see haw some are taking advantage of others by offering a piece of wood to some one us an duduk.

Duduk is an Armenian musical instrument - it is not turkish or Bulgarian
duduk like instruments  can be found in turkey - the name of this instrument is MAY not duduk, it has nothing to do with Armenian duduk / please do not confuse may's and duduks - even if the  appearance might be the same or similar some times.

If you need a Duduk , and if your Serious on learning and playing duduks !!! you don't need this instruments !!!
What you need a Professional duduk  And i will Guaranty you that it will help your learning process

Professional duduk:
They are prosaic instruments and have fingering charts, each duduk and the reed are tuned by the master  
The Sky is the Limit wan you have High Quality Duduks and Reeds 
No more confusion, no more guessing what key is your duduk, no more wondering ( is it me or is it the duduk ? )   


Each instrument has one reed, and the price is $25.00 +SH
If you want more info on this instrument you can email me or contact me over the phone

you can use Money orders , cashers cheeks , VISA -MS -AX -DISC 
you can do this over the phone or by using

Phone: 626-440 0030 / 626-577-0809

100 day Exchange

Return this Souvenir to us in 100 days for $25 credit for your  Professional duduk or any other instrument and accessory that we have.

Movses Movsisyan
Founder of

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